Even in the 21st Century, poor people miss out on the basic medical aid and suffer needlessly; it does not have to be so! A little help goes a long way to break this cycle.

Kankhal Medical Aid was set up to alleviate some of the suffering of the poor by providing medical support. Its aim is to help The Ramakrishna Sevasrama Charity Hospital based at Hardwar, India, in its quest to provide free medical aid to the poor people of the neighbouring villages. Over 220,000 people are treated annually in this hospital. There is also a mobile Dispensary covering an area of around 64 villages with a doctor and medicines to reach an average of 11,000 people.

Main hospital with the women's ward

Aerial view of the Main hospital with the women's ward

In 1992, our charity was set up and since then we have helped towards the setting up of the women’s ward, maternity and gynaecology facilities, eye and ENT clinics and an operation theatre. Our fund-raising efforts also provide antituberculer and antimalarial drugs, apart from antibiotics – all of which are required in large quantities.

By organising various events involving the local community, we have raised and sent money directly to the hospital. We have no administrative costs, and the organisation depends on the voluntary services of its members.


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